The color difference of balloon printing and its influence reason

- May 15, 2019-

When the customer is making the aluminum film balloon in a fair way, it is normal that the color of the balloon we printed and the design draft are slightly different from each other.Customers to provide the design draft is based on the effect of white on the bottom of the present, and the fair balloon material of aluminum film presented in different light color is also different, in under the condition of strong light to compare its silvery white, in the case of dark it is silver-gray, so customers understand intaglio printing they can accept a little off color, also allowed the industry, but the color of the color difference should not be quite different, cannot at first glance more obvious different.

Color bright obviously than those of the design draft look after color should be bright, beautiful, of course also need to pass the customer agrees to this, but even if we don't usually give customers confirmation, customers can also accept, like the color window or a little bit dark customers are acceptable, we take today is the figure compares, because a lot of color on the design draft, the color of the other, we can.In short, fair will not change the color of the design.

There are many reasons for the color difference. As for the ink, we can completely adjust to the color card number provided by the customer, but because the base color of the surface is different, the color printed is also different.Color and temperature, humidity are related, the same ink, humidity, temperature is not the same, reflect the color is not the same, in the printing process also need to add solvent, thinner, which affect the color of the color.

Color shading and plate also has a lot to do, more than the peak green, for example, the color we are added 50% blue, 40% white, 2% red, yellow, 2% 1% black to achieve such printing effect, so in the process when we have all these color confirm ok, then according to the percentage of these color to determine the version of the mesh size, so the plate thickness of mesh is to determine the effect of the balloon is printed.

In a word, the color of the fair printed balloon is controllable, which is also the range allowed by the industry. It is just a small difference. Sometimes the color difference of different displays may be even larger than that of the balloons printed by us.