The advantage of glove machine is reflected in that respect?

- Apr 13, 2019-

At present, such equipment as glove machine is no longer the first product, and many people should be clear, gloves play a role in our life, for which glove machine advantage is reflected in what aspects, today small make up to share the common sense of the relevant aspects for you.

1. Knitting density controller: driven by the improved stepping motor, it can adjust the density of each part of the glove to make the glove more fit the hand shape and more comfortable.

2. The manual centralized lubrication system only needs to pull the oil pump, the system will automatically fill oil to the required parts, easy maintenance, improve productivity.

3. The application of computer makes the knitting of various parts of gloves faster and better.

4. It saves the process of finger sewing and finger knitting.Just touch the button to change the amount of injection and rubber feed into the woven glove.

Operation panel: the control keyboard is easy to operate.The display displays the current weaving state of the machine.Touch the number key to easily enter all kinds of data.

6. Automatic glove machine is designed based on the knitting principle of sedimentation method.

7. Finger clamp yarn device: usually use air blower to blow the yarn outside the finger into the yarn sleeve.JS204 drives the finger clamp yarn device by motor to hook the tail line into the cover, greatly improving the quality of gloves.

8. The application of computer makes the knitting of various parts of gloves faster and better.

Above, is about the glove machine has the superiority analysis and manifests, then about the glove machine has these characteristics to apply in the present profession to be able to manifest in which aspect, or the glove machine should promote and the improvement aspect have which, welcome everybody to leave a message!

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