Screen printing with two troubleshooting solutions

- Apr 17, 2019-

Latex balloon screen printing machine two fault solutions: screen printing machine in the process of operation performance and operation methods are different, will encounter a variety of problems, the following common to give you an introduction.If the printing block moves to the left and then does not move, manual, semi-automatic all do not move, power supply lights, etc., fujian jubao balloon screen printing electromechanical staff for you to introduce five common faults and solutions fault three: semi-automatic work when the foot switch stand slide down, printing block after the left move that does not move.The reason for this failure is that the left proximity switch of the cross slider is not sensed or there is a problem.The solution is to adjust the sensing point of the left proximity switch or replace the good proximity switch;There are foot switch inside the micro switch stuck action, will also cause this fault.The solution is to adjust, repair or replace the micro switch inside the foot switch.Fault 2: the slide seat of the pedal switch is lowered when the semi-automatic works, and rises again after release.Reason: this phenomenon is generally the left side of the slider proximity switch damaged or broken connection, solution: replace the proximity switch or switch on the connection.

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