Screen printing machine screen printing materials required by the technology and requirements

- Apr 08, 2019-

The pursuit of screen printing of high quality, as screen printing workers, should first have the correct quality concept.Secondly, there should be good working habits. For example, the working environment should be kept clean and all appliances should be well maintained.If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, don't use a brush to clean your work environment.Floor cleaning, tables, utensils cleaning with wet cloth.Clean working conditions can improve the quality of work, improve the working environment, conducive to the realization of high-quality printing.Negative before we start printing, we need a positive negative. What are the requirements for a good screen negative?* the film base and polyester film of the negative shall be highly transparent.* the side of the film should be on the front of the negative.We often find that some users use the film is on the opposite side of the negative, for offset printing of the positive film, using this film to print, the quality will not be guaranteed.Because the screen printing plate printing plate requires the film surface image should be in close contact with the film plate photoresist layer.* density (density = blackness) must be greater than D3.Offsctdruckereien use less than D3 of the positive, so you need to use a densitometer to measure the positive density.* higher values are required for image and text density throughout the negative.Hand-engraved mask should not be used as a screen plate.Negatives should be manufactured from hard photographic negatives.* before using the negative, you need to clean it with detergent or dust roller.Screen printing screen is not a common fabric, but a high strength material with minimal tolerance.For example, maybe we all know that there are 24,000 meters of wire per square meter in a 120 mesh/CM screen, or 14,400 holes per square centimeter, but in fact we know much more about the screen.

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