Screen frame and ink specification for balloon printing machine

- Mar 20, 2019-

Latex balloon machine printing is generally recommended to use 300 mesh mesh, other special balloons such as vacuum balloons and advertising balloons can be adjusted when the printing effect is not affected.Screen screen frame is generally made of aluminum, the screen adhesion fixed on the frame, the frame size depends on the size of the printed pattern, frame squeegee before and after the trend or about both ends, generally from the pattern 30mm-35mm, in order to place ink, squeegee in the screen version of the operation, the screen can have sufficient flexibility.When printing, the balloon should be fully inflated until the printing frame is pressed down and the lowest point of the balloon is not broken.In order to achieve good printing effect, the placement of the pattern in the back screen frame should be in safe contact with the balloon surface.As the balloon printing, the surface pressure will make the screen further concave.The printing knife and ink knife can be adjusted to contact with the screen, the printing knife pressure is too large, easy to cause screen breakage.Printing inks are usually latex inks.If the ink is too viscous can be added with 10%-20% of the boiling water (thinner) modulation, so that the printed pattern is clear and not sticky between the screen frame.

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