Rubber surgical gloves packing bag production equipment

- May 05, 2019-

The utility model reveals a rubber surgical gloves packaging production equipment, production equipment including: film uncoiling mechanism, transmission speed control system, heating vacuum forming system, rubber surgical gloves put system, tearing mouth, heat sealing convex platform system, photoelectric sensor system, code identification system, the longitudinal transverse cutting system;All systems are controlled by PLC.The utility model can solve the trouble that the sealing or packaging before use is not easy to be recognized and judged by the user if there is damage, avoid the misuse of sterilized rubber surgical gloves with damaged sealing or packaging, and protect the medical staff and patients.

To facilitate testing the machine, the machine features a manual, inching device, in order to get the best results; All actions of the machine are interlocks, non-interference with each other, in order to obtain maximum production speed. First sleeve gloves, laying the paper, clip gloves, Bend, move gloves, flat folding and then after straight off sent to the outer packaging. Sleeving the gloves is continuous; Laying the paper is  single-action cycle (after the paper moved, go back to the original position to wait for photo voltaic instruction);Bend fold is single-action cycle (after gloves are caught, which will get the instruction to go for bend fold action, Bend fold reset command to move the gloves at the same time make gloves clip back into the next cycle); Shift gloves into place so that the unfold system will unfold the paper and go for bend fold in straight style until connect to outer packing conveyor belt.

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