Rubber dipping production line of gloves: importance of rubber dipping gloves

- Apr 10, 2019-

In cold weather, it is very important to maintain the flexibility of the fingers in labor production activities, because most of the labor work needs to be completed by the feeling of the fingers. When the fingers are frozen and numb, we can only rely on visual observation to determine the placement of objects. This method can play a part in the compensation effect, but the effect is poor.So be sure to keep your hands warm. The production line of rubber gloves reminds you to wear rubber gloves.

The purpose of the rubber gloves is to protect the hands in the operation, which will affect the operation of the hands. If the influence of low temperature is added, the work efficiency will be further reduced.When the heat preservation performance of gloves is insufficient, the hand skin temperature will gradually decline.According to the report.When the temperature of finger skin drops to about 15~20qc, the skill activity of the hand will be reduced.When the skin temperature drops below 8qC, the sensitivity of the hand will be seriously weakened.Accident rates will increase;When the skin temperature of fingers was lower than 4.4qC, the hand's fine working ability was almost completely lost.In view of the finger skin temperature is closely related to the degree of numbness.Therefore, the skin temperature of the fingers can be used as the original parameter of sensory sensitivity to estimate the precision work efficiency of the hands.When the finger skin temperature is high, there is no obvious change in the decline of manual operation ability, so people generally set the finger skin temperature of 15~(2) as the minimum value of manual operation efficiency is not affected.

The above content is to explain in the lower temperature must wear enough insulation rubber gloves to ensure the efficiency and quality of work.

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