Research on data acquisition and management system of glove production line

- Apr 28, 2019-

Abstract: PVC gloves are widely used in health inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries of labor protection and family health.With the development of electronic technology, control theory and communication technology, the traditional production line system cannot adapt to the trend of intelligent and informationized data collection of the whole production line.To reduce the labor intensity and improve the safety control in the process of production, production data can be automatically archived and query, display real-time production data, convenient management, this article embarks from the familiar with PVC gloves production line and production process, by means of advanced automation technology, on how to implement the PVC gloves production line data acquisition makes a deep research.

This paper analyzes the process flow of PVC glove production line and some characteristics of the existing basic data acquisition system, aiming at the key points affecting production.A general scheme of data acquisition and management system suitable for glove production line is proposed. The distributed control system is composed of PLC as the control core, remote I/O as the acquisition and output slave station, and field bus communication network conforming to the specification.

In this paper, the entire production line to do a detailed on-site detection, thorough analysis of the monitoring point, in the improvement of the system installation and debugging have done a lot of analysis and experiment, for the temperature, liquid level and other main parameters of the real-time monitoring of the sensor installation, wiring, control cabinet production and other work.And for the main control room is mostly far away from the equipment field, the long distance signal transmission not only needs to spend a lot of cable but also in the process of signal transmission easy to introduce the interference signal into the PLC control system.

As industrial control precision demand is higher and higher, the process control object is more and more complex, most has the characteristics of time-varying, large delay, nonlinear, it is difficult to establish accurate mathematical model, classic and modern control theory is hard to meet the control requirements, combined with the classical control theory of PID control to solve the problems such as instability in the process of production.

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