Recent Development of Natural Latex Gloves

- May 15, 2019-

Since 1980s, with the development of human immunodeficiency venereal diseases
With the emergence of HIV and the knowledge of the route of blood disease transmission, the number of gloves worn by medical staff has greatly increased. At present, natural latex gloves have not only been used in medical personnel, but also in all aspects of production and life, latex gloves have been widely used. Now the world's demand for latex gloves is about 30 billion a year, and this number will continue to grow. At the same time, in recent years, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, a large number of factories have been built, resulting in fierce competition in the glove market. There are a large number of new products in the market. The production method is simple, but the competitiveness and price of gloves are very high. There are three main types of new products on the market: on-line powder-free gloves, composite gloves and functional gloves.

1. Powderless Gloves on Line
Because of the stickiness of natural latex, in order to prevent gloves from bonding, powder is usually used as isolating agent and then soaked and washed.

There are totally powder-free surgical gloves on the market, that is, to change the production process, coat the glove surface with a layer of polymer, so that the glove surface is smooth and non-sticky, and no inorganic powder is needed as isolating agent when demoulding, so it is called on-line powder-free gloves.
Its production process is: (1) hand-mold impregnating coagulant; (2) impregnating vulcanized latex; (3) drying finalizing; (4) hot water leaching; (5) aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer impregnated (SSA/PAC); (6) drying; (7) demoulding.

2. Composite gloves 

2.1 latex-nitrile-butadiene gloves

Latex-nitrile-butadiene composite glove is a kind of composite glove whose inner surface is nitrile-butadiene layer and outer surface is latex layer after dipping latex in the hand mold. Its production process is as follows: hand mold dipping coagulant dipping vulcanized latex drying dipping nitrile rubber drying finalization demoulding soaking, washing and chlorination finally drying.

2.2 latex-polymer coated gloves
In order to make the inner surface of gloves smooth and easy to wear, chlorine gas is often used for surface treatment, but the residual free chlorine in gloves will pollute the operating environment. In order to solve this problem, latex-polymer coated gloves, i.e. gloves are coated with polymer coating to make the gloves smooth and meet the standard of surgical gloves. On-line powder-free gloves also belong to polymer coated gloves.

3. The surface of functional gloves and latex gloves is usually neutral or weak alkaline, while human skin is acidic under normal conditions. Therefore, the long-term use of latex gloves will make the skin dry, cracked, serious dermatitis and a series of skin diseases . As a result, functional gloves have emerged to protect the skin while using gloves.