PVC glove manufacturing plant

- May 04, 2019-

Involved the utility model belongs to the production field of PVC gloves, PVC gloves production equipment, rail lines and gloves production including fingerprint device, fingerprint rail line located above gloves production device, including progressive set of PVC gloves production unit discharge chute, PVC vertical drop period, PVC plasticizing molding device, PU, PU manger drying device, PVC gloves edge device and ejection device, PVC plasticizing molding device, PU drying device are connected to the heating boiler, whose character is:Hand mold cleaning device and hand mold drying device are set successively between the mold stripper and the PVC material groove, viscosity detection and adjustment device is set successively on the PVC material groove, and PU washing device and washing and drying device are set successively between the PU drying device and the PVC glove curling device.The automatic degree of this device is high, the molding effect of PVC gloves is good, and it is easy to demolding, and it is not easy to produce adhesion or breakage when demolding, so as to ensure the quality of gloves.