pvc glove dipping production line

- Aug 06, 2020-

PVC glove production line equipment is to produce synthetic rubber gloves using PVC as raw material through dipping technology. The PVC glove production line equipment is mainly composed of four parts: batching equipment, including mixers, filter barrels, vacuum deaerators, glue delivery pumps; dipping equipment , Including racks, conveyor chains, dipping tanks, recovery tank machines, drip tanks; plasticizing furnaces; cooling, lip curling, powder dusting, demoulding, and powder removal equipment, including cooling group, lip curling group, dusting group, stripping Module, powder removal group. 

The PVC glove production line adopts continuous production and direct immersion methods, with uniform film formation and bright color. Various models and specifications can be produced online at the same time. 

The length of the production line is 60 meters, 80 meters and 100 meters, etc., with high automation and large output. It can be configured with automatic demoulding, and the length of the production line can be designed and installed according to the customer's production site.

PVC glove dipping machine