Production standard and process of wire gloves

- May 07, 2019-

We know that glove manufacturers produce a lot of products, today we will learn about one of them, is the thread gloves, today we will share with you the production standards.

We have the following standards for different gloves when manufacturing:

1. Rubber acid-proof and alkali-resistant labor protection gloves: there are two types of this kind of labor protection gloves: divided fingers and double fingers.These gloves are worn when in contact with low-concentration acid and alkali solutions, printing and dyeing fluids, pollutants, general chemicals, toxic chemical raw materials and general industrial operations. They prevent occupational skin diseases and are soft in texture with multiple product specifications.

2, plastic labor protection wire gloves: this kind of labor protection wire gloves, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging.

3. Acid-proof and alkali-resistant labor protection wire gloves: the product type of this kind of labor protection wire gloves is hand-type labor protection wire gloves.

Film labor protection gloves are processed products with film as the main raw material. The production process is as follows:

1. Preparation of raw materials, including mixing of raw rubber, color matching, weight calculation of raw materials, etc.;

2, vulcanization molding, it is the use of high pressure vulcanization equipment after high temperature vulcanization, make silica gel raw materials into solid forming;

3. Trim the edges. The silicone labor protection gloves removed from the mold will have some useless rough edges, which need to be removed;

4. Silk-screen printing, this process is only used for some silicone labor protection wire gloves with patterns on the surface;

Our hands are exposed to different objects every day. For workers who eat with their hands, their hands are vulnerable to injury. Therefore, in order to avoid dust, bacterial infection and hand injury, it is necessary to wear labor protection gloves.If the process and production process of the gloves meet the standards, it will be helpful for the workers.

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