Production process of PVC gloves

- Mar 28, 2019-

The first step: preparation of raw materials for production. Before producing PVC gloves, the ingredients need to be made first, which is to mix the main raw materials of the PVC gloves according to a certain proportion, and stir well in the special equipment to make the liquid. The produced emulsion also needs to be filtered, evacuated, and statically treated as required.

The second step: hand touch emulsion and make PVC glove. The main process of this step is to send the processed raw material emulsion into the impregnated slot, and let the hand touch into the impregnated slot, and after the touch is enough, the hand will be taken out and sent to the oven. It must be noted that the hand touch should be kept in order to ensure the uniform adhesion of the lotion to the hand within a period of time between the hand and the oven.

Third step: PVC gloves are well formed. After touching the oven, keep the oven temperature between 230 and 250 degrees. After a certain period of time, the lotion on the hand will become familiar, and the PVC gloves will be formed at this time. After the PVC gloves are molded, remove them from the oven and make them cool naturally. At this point, PVC gloves have been basically made.

The fourth step: PVC glove post treatment. Post processing includes roll lips, powder, demoulding, powder stripping, quality inspection, packaging and warehousing.

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