Production process of pvc glove equipment

- Dec 21, 2020-

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disposable pvc gloves machine

Production process introduction of pvc glove equipment:

When the PVC glove production line produces PVC gloves, the main raw materials and additives are first stirred and mixed in a special container in a certain proportion to form an emulsion. After filtering, vacuuming, and standing, the mixture is sent to the production line with a pump In the dipping tank. Under normal production conditions, the hand molds on the assembly line automatically enter the dipping tank, and the hand molds that adhere to the emulsion come out of the dipping tank in turn, and rotate continuously while traveling, so that the emulsion on the surface of the hand mold is uniform and the excess emulsion hangs down. Drip down. The dripping liquid returns to the immersion tank through the collection tank. After dripping the excess emulsion, the hand mold moves into the oven with the production line. The temperature of the oven is controlled at 230-250 degrees Celsius. Under this condition, the emulsion that is touched by hand is cured and formed. The hand mold coming out of the oven undergoes processes such as natural cooling, lip curling, and powder dipping. The gloves are manually removed from the hand mold, and the hand mold continuously moves to the dipping tank. The unloaded PVC gloves will be put into the warehouse after powder removal.