The invention relates to a latex glove mould and a production method of latex gloves

- Jun 11, 2019-

Background technology:

The latex glove mold is a molding mold for impregnated latex gloves.The production process of various liquid forming latex gloves is that the latex liquid material is hung on the latex glove mold, which is dried and demoulded.

Latex gloves are used frequently and frequently in daily life, such as washing and sweeping activities to protect hands.However, the latex gloves used at present cannot be hung by relying on the structure of the latex gloves themselves when not in use, and can only be laid flat.If after the use of laundry, latex gloves are covered with water, such as square will cause pollution to the place of placement, thus affecting the convenience of the placement of latex gloves.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the first part of the utility model is to provide a mold for latex gloves, so as to solve the technical problem of how to conveniently place latex gloves in the existing technology.The technical effects produced by the optimal technical solutions among the many technical solutions provided by the utility model are detailed in the following paragraphs.

To achieve the above purposes, the utility model provides the following technical scheme:

A latex glove mould provided by the utility model includes an arm part, on which a convex part for hanging the latex glove outward and a concave part inward are formed, and the convex part is located in the concave part.

The beneficial effect of the utility model is that by setting the raised part and the grooved part, the inward extending grooved part and the grooved part corresponding to the arm part of the latex glove produced can be formed, and the latex glove can be hung by the grooved part on the latex glove, and the hook can only be put into the grooved part during use.This allows easy placement of latex gloves.