Production method of hand mold cleaning groove filter device for nitrile gloves

- Jun 10, 2019-

Background technology:

With the rapid development of economic construction, people's awareness of self-protection is gradually enhanced, and the use of disposable gloves increases rapidly, which promotes the emergence of disposable gloves products with more convenient use and stronger function all over the world.Among them, nitrile gloves are the most popular among the majority of users. This is because nitrile gloves have excellent physical properties, tensile strength of more than 25Mpa, breaking elongation of more than 600%, excellent elasticity and comfortable wearing.Excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, petroleum, various organic solvents to provide good chemical protection;It contains no protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely causes skin allergy to the wearer.Nitrile gloves are widely used in medical care, food processing, catering services, daily cleaning, printing and dyeing, laboratory and electronic products processing and other industries.

At present, the online cleaning process of hand mold of nitrile glove production line generally includes 10 processes, including acid bath 1#, acid bath 2#, washing bath 1#, alkali wash bath 1#, alkali wash bath 2#, alkali wash bath 3#, dish brush, stick brush, washing bath 2# and washing bath 3#.Among them, the structure of each cleaning tank is basically temperature control steel tank.The efficiency of online cleaning of hand mould depends on the concentration of acid and alkali bath, the temperature of each cleaning bath and the rotation rate of disc brush and rolling brush.On the one hand, this process requires a relatively high concentration of acid and alkali tank, which is not only of high raw material cost, but also of great corrosion to the hand mold.On the other hand, the cleaning efficiency of different parts of the whole hand mold varies greatly by this process, and it is difficult to clean the inside of the finger seam.

Technical implementation elements:

In order to solve the above technical problems, the utility model provides a filter device for hand mold cleaning groove of nitrile gloves, which can solve the turbidity of the groove caused by insufficient filtering of impurities in the cleaning groove in the existing technology, and the nitrile gloves produced have powder marks and many black spots.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme: a filter device for hand mold cleaning groove of nitrile gloves, including:

The cleaning groove body comprises the left side wall and the right side wall;The baffle is arranged near the right side wall, and there is a circular filtering channel between the baffle and the right side wall.The circulating filtration channel is provided with a circulating water pump and a filtration mechanism;The filtering mechanism includes successively setting a first filter, a second filter, a third filter and a fourth filter.At least one of the first filter, the second filter, the third filter and the fourth filter is a double-layer filter mechanism, and the double-layer filter mechanism includes a shell and a coarse filter net and a fine filter net arranged inside the shell.The filtering effect can be greatly improved by coarse filtering and fine filtering.

The advantages of the utility model are that, because the bath liquid is continuously flowing and filtered and adsorbed, the cleaning liquid in the bath is clean and clear, and the nitrile glove produced has no powder mark and fewer black spots.The quality of cleaning liquid in the groove after using the utility model can be effectively maintained, the replacement frequency of cleaning liquid is reduced, the production cost is reduced, and the production process is more in line with the requirements of environmental protection.