Production method of automatic PVC glove production line

- Apr 19, 2019-

Background technology:

PVC gloves are made of PVC paste resin, plasticizer, viscosity reducer, heat stabilizer, colorant and filler, which are suitable for semiconductor processing, food processing, sales and other industries.

A can save the material liquid PVC gloves production line, the line is included into a circular orbit, support on the orbit of the drive chain and connected component in the drive chain of multiple fingerprint, fingerprint components, including fingerprint near orbit distribution in turn dip parts Ⅰ, trickle-down Ⅱ, oven parts Ⅲ, PU glue and drying Ⅵ, volume lip part Ⅴ, parting Ⅵ and fingerprint Ⅶ cleaning section.Hand print in the dip parts Ⅰ chute dip;In the drop drop drops of partial Ⅱ (vertical drop down the material liquid into the recycled material box;In the drying oven part Ⅲ;In order to increase the smooth degree of the gloves, hand print into PU glue and drying part Ⅵ to add glue on the surface treatment;The gloves in volume lip some Ⅴ lip treatment;The processed gloves are removed from the hand mold;Remove gloves with the fingerprint of mold cleaning part Ⅶ clean, at this point, a gloves processing cycle is complete.Because a production factory often needs gloves of different models, different models of hand mold are needed. During production, hand mold and hand mold components need to be fixed and connected. After the production of gloves, hand mold needs to be removed from the hand mold components for cleaning.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention is to solve the above problems existing in the existing technology and provide an automatic PVC glove production line, aiming to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of hand mold and hand module and improve the degree of automation of equipment.

The technical solution of the invention is:An automated PVC gloves production line, including the sorting machine, lifting gear, feeding cylinder, the first track, the second track, the third rail and multiple holder set, as described in the second orbit and the third rail respectively located in the left and right side of the first orbit, holder groups including first-hand mold base assembly, secondary mold base assembly, and the connecting shaft, described in the first hand mold base assembly and secondary mold base assembly connected through the connecting shaft, as described in the first track with drive chain, connecting shaft connected with drive chain described, and the first-hand mold base assembly and secondary mold base assembly at both side of drive chain,Described respectively towards the second and third rail orbit, first-hand mold base assembly holder in the rotary table in the second orbit, described the secondary holder in the mold base assembly wheel placed third orbit, and rotary table can be described relative to the second and third rail rotation orbit, down to the bottom of the separator is located in the first track, described described lifting gear and connected to the outlet of the separator, described feeding cylinder installed on the lifting gear, separator according to the fingerprint towards different fingerprint will be transferred to the lifting gear after sorting, lifting gear will be sent to the corresponding different orientation of fingerprint holder on one side of the assembly,The feeding cylinder on the lifting device moves so that the hand mold is fixedly connected with the hand mold base assembly.

This invention prominent substantive features and represents a notable progress mainly reflects in: (1) the invention by sorting machine, lifting gear, feeding for the combined action of cylinder and remove the device can automatically complete the fingerprint orientation separation, automatic feeding and automatic feeding, reduce the labor costs, reduces the worker labor, a high degree of automation;(2) compared with the single-hand mold production line, the production efficiency of the production line with two-hand mold assembly is improved by twice;(3) during the transportation of the hand mold on the production line of the invention, the rotation will occur continuously to prevent the uneven distribution of PVC paste on the hand mold under its own gravity, which improves the uniformity of PVC paste and thus improves the quality of the produced PVC gloves.

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