Production equipment of thread glue labor protection gloves

- Apr 25, 2019-

The production equipment of thread glue labor protection glove is also called thread glue glove machine.It adopts continuous production method and direct impregnation method with uniform film formation and bright color.

Product introduction

All kinds of models and specifications can be produced online at the same time, the general production line length is 30 meters, 24 meters, 18 meters and other specifications, high degree of automation, large output, can be configured with automatic stripping, but also according to the customer production site design and installation of production line length.The gloves produced by jubao thread glue labor protection glove machine include the inner layer of textile thread yarn and the outer layer of rubber coating film with irregular lines.

The production process

The production process of jubao thread rubber labor protection gloves production equipment is as follows:

(1) will be processed first gloves on the gloves mold set, through the chain belt to a glue tank leaching on a layer of white latex, and then through the chain transmission under after 200 ℃ high temperature furnace heating in a period of time;

(2) and then through the chain transmission, and then to the second glue tank leaching on a layer of yellow latex, also through the chain transmission, after below 200 ℃ high temperature furnace heating in a period of time, after take a thick coat of emulsion, and then put in kerosene and mixture of acetic acid to produce irregular grain to put through below 200 ℃ high temperature furnace, heating time, remove after labor insurance gloves for finished product line - adhesive.

Product features

Thread rubber labor protection gloves, on the basis of making full use of the existing textile gloves, on the outer layer coated with a layer of rubber film, compared with the existing labor protection gloves, has the following advantages:

(1) as the inner layer is made of textile yarn, it has the function of moisture absorption. Therefore, it is not easy for human hands to slide inside the glove, that is, the glove is not easy to fall off from the hand, and it can be well connected as a whole. Besides, the outer layer of the glove is made of rubber grain, which also has a certain skid resistance.In this way, the joint anti-skid effect of the inner and outer layers ensures the normal use of people in the working process.And because the invention has the characteristics of flexible finger movement of yarn gloves, the finger movement can be freely in the working process, which will not affect people's working efficiency.

(2) as the outer layer is coated with plastic film, in the process of work, external dust is not easy to enter the inner layer of gloves, so the anti-fouling effect is significant.Even if outer layer falls on a few dust, usable twist is dry wet cloth is wiped gently, because this is easy, clean.

(3) as the thread rubber gloves are based on the existing thread gloves, the outer layer of rubber film is added to enhance the wear resistance, and the service life is greatly improved.

(4) thread rubber labor protection gloves can be used in industry, agriculture, forestry, mining, aquaculture, construction, automobile driving and other industries, as long as it is manual operation of labor, can be used.Therefore, it is widely used.

(5) the existing gloves, in the cold winter, can not fully warm the human hands, often produce a sense of biting cold, the hands will be frozen numb for a long time, which will not only affect human health, but also affect people's work efficiency, and even affect labor safety.The utility model relates to a thread rubber labor protection glove, in which the inner layer is yarn and the outer layer is rubber film, which has the function of keeping warm of the thread yarn glove. Besides, because the outer film covers the mesh of the thread yarn, the cold air is not easy to invade the inner layer and the heat preservation is better.

At present, ordinary labor protection gloves are generally made of single materials of yarn, leather and rubber. They are not skid resistant, dirty resistant, wear-resistant, difficult to clean, narrow in application scope, short in service life and poor in heat preservation.

Thread glue labor protection glove is a kind of glove which can be widely used in the process of industrial and agricultural production.The rubber labor protection glove machine is to provide a simple structure, easy to make, flexible finger movement, anti-slip, anti-dirty, wear-resistant, easy to clean, long service life, good heat preservation, wide range of use of rubber labor protection gloves.

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