New glove rubber dipping machine

- Apr 10, 2019-

The utility model provides a rubber gloves dipping machine, including frame, fingerprint, fingerprint fixed rod, installation mode of installation and set up on the rack transmission chain, install a fixed on the transmission chain, also include a tracking device, tracking devices including track, hooks, and the first reset institutions, tracking sliding connection on the rack, the first reset institutions at the reset, the frame is used to drive the tracking link rotating connected in tracking;After tracking the mounting seat of the tracking seat, the hook hooks the mounting seat to locate the position between the tracking seat and the mounting seat.Through setting used to keep track on the rack to install a tracking device, the hook hook installation in tracking devices, for accurate positioning tracking between bridge and installation position, the rotating control device can be installed in the seat, can realize the rod rotating control device and mould precise matching connection, and decrease the waste product rate of the rubber gloves dipping machine production of gloves.

JB-SUD 半(全)浸胶手套生产线4