Method of making hand mould for glove demoulding device

- Jul 08, 2019-

Background technology:

During the production of gloves, gloves need to be removed from the holder of the hand, to complete the subsequent packaging process.Because want to match the gloves production line, therefore need to reach a certain speed during harvesting, which will not interfere with the gloves production efficiency, so the gloves need flanging on gloves before harvesting, and gloves before flanging is done by hand, low efficiency, poor stability, unable to meet the demand of production line.

Now appear flanging device to complete, common flanging device is set on the frame of a pair of connected to the gas source gas mouth, the gas nozzle in the fingerprint distribution is set up and down, run the oil-gas mouth blowing its edge side blown over to the mechanical hand, then the manipulator open outward and move forward, make the gloves separation with fingerprint, the scheme is in use, should be carried out by high pressure gas injection to achieve reliable flanging effect, not only the noise is very big, and large energy consumption, improve the cost.

Another solution is realized by a brush or brush head, mainly including a rack, where the upper brush and the lower brush are arranged on the rack. The upper brush is arranged on the upper part of the hand mold, and the lower brush is arranged on the lower part of the hand mold. The glove edges on the hand mold are unfolded by the rotation of the brush.In the process of using this scheme, the brush is easy to wear, and the relative errors will occur in the working process after the wear, resulting in poor stripping effect of gloves and a decline in the pass rate. In addition, the brush will inevitably damage the glove surface, especially for gloves made of materials with high surface friction, and the efficiency is very low.

The hand molds used at present are all designed to imitate the shape of the hand, including five fingers, flat palm and cylindrical wrist. Generally, flanging works on the cylindrical wrist. In subsequent demodulation, the flanging part is fixed by the manipulator and then moved to the finger part to realize the demodulation of gloves and hand molds.Because the wrist hand mold is elliptic or cylindrical, so the stability of flanging and stripping process is more difficult, the setting of pressure mechanism also needs to cooperate with the design of hand mold arc surface, the production and processing of the device and the design of the space position of each part have caused a lot of difficulties.

Technical implementation elements:

The invention provides a hand mould for glove demoulding device to solve the inconvenience brought by hand mould flanging and demoulding design and production at present.

In order to solve the technical problems, of the technical scheme of the invention is: gloves described demoulding device including fingers with fingerprint, connects with the finger of the palm of your hand and put in the palm of your hand wrist department, described the palm division of cross section of parallelogram insulating box body, described the wrist department for cross section with the parallelogram and the hollow box palm match the wall of the box body.The parallelogram palm is easy to be clamped and fixed through the upper and lower sides, and the force surface is wider and faster when flanging.

The technical scheme provided by the invention changes the existing hand model to simulate the shape of the hand, but designs the hand model with the section of parallelogram. This design with four planes is more in line with the habit of machining, not only saves space, but also facilitates the setting of other mechanisms, and the force is better controlled and the effect is more ideal.