Method of making condom mould

- Jul 03, 2019-

Background technology:

The existing condom mold is difficult to release due to the unreasonable design of neck arc radius.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to provide a condom mould which is used to solve the problems mentioned above in the existing technology.

In order to achieve the above purposes and other related purposes, the utility model provides a condom mold, which is roughly cylindrical with a cone end, including: the precision storage part, which is arranged on the top of the mold, is a spherical shape with a radius of 3 mm to 5 mm;The axial section of the neck is composed of the outer arc surface and the inner arc surface. The spermatic storage part is connected with the inner arc surface through the outer arc surface.The radii of the outer arc surface and the inner arc surface are both 35 mm to 37 mm.The stem body is cylindrical, and one end is connected with the inner arc surface.The blocking part, which is cylindrical, is arranged at the lower end of the mould with a radius greater than that of the stem part.