Method for making rubber waterproof gloves

- Jul 02, 2019-

Background technology:

General waterproof gloves are made of rubber materials, with single material and single function. They are only used to protect hands, which is difficult to meet the needs of people with high requirements for hand care.

Technical implementation elements:

The main technical problem solved by the invention is to provide a waterproof glove, which absorbs hand guard essence through the gel layer of plant essential oil, makes it waterproof through rubber, and increases the friction and facilitates hand movement through the lining.

In order to solve the technical problems, the invention adopts a technical scheme is: to provide a waterproof gloves, include: gloves subject, plant essential oil gel layer and the lining, and described the glove body for rubber waterproof gloves, gloves described the main body of the inside of the set above plant essential oil gel layer, as described in the inside of the plant essential oil gel layer is set above the lining, described in the glove body, described described plant essential oil gel layer and the lining permeate each other,.

Beneficial effects of the present invention is: the invention of waterproof gloves absorb armguard essence, through the plant essential oil gel layer through the rubber waterproof, easy to increase friction hand through the lining, waterproof gloves, developed by the loving hands of women can protect the hand while rivals for maintenance, save time, convenient and practical.