Method for making pneumatic removing device for hand mould of PVC gloves

- Jun 11, 2019-

Background technology:

PVC gloves are made of PVC paste resin, plasticizer, debonding agent, heat stabilizer, colorant and filling.the gloves are of good anti-static property and suitable for semiconductor processing, food processing, sales and other industries.At present, manual manual disassembly is generally adopted when removing the hand mould of PVC glove production line. The disassembly process is time-consuming and laborious with low efficiency.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to solve the existing technology of PVC gloves production line is disassembled using artificial remove on fingerprint, low labor intensity, work efficiency of defects, and to provide a pneumatic equipment used PVC gloves fingerprint, the use of online remove the hand print cylinder, can reduce labor intensity and increase the speed of change, reduce the loss of fingerprint.

The utility model is realized through the following technical scheme:

Pneumatic device is a kind of PVC gloves fingerprint, its characteristic is that includes hangs Taiwan, hangs Taiwan for concave arc of the side, hangs Taiwan central is equipped with vertical pole, pole top has a roof, roof below operates platen and cylinder, pressure plate connected to the telescopic rod of cylinder, pressure plate en croute suit on the slider, protrude the front end of the clamp with the trapezoidal section, upper platen sets limit screw, upper limit screw through the roof, top sets limit nut, hangs Taiwan side of the handle of a vertical flip chart with cylinder control solenoid valve.

The slide rod of the utility model is two, which are symmetrically installed on both sides of the hanging plate.The cylinder stroke setting of the utility model can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of reducing the loss of hand mold.

PVC glove hand mold pneumatic removal device, its characteristics are

The principle of the utility model is as follows

Hold the handle, the pressure plate inserted in the PVC gloves production line of the main chain plate, hangs Taiwan pressure at the bottom of the mold base and control electromagnetic valve switch, press the cylinder under the pressure of compressed gas cylinder driven plate along the slider upward, reach the end face of cylinder stop under the roof, to remove the fingerprint, installed on a new fingerprint again, open the solenoid valve control cylinder, cylinder drives clamp down, to limit nut got to the roof, fingerprint installation is complete.

The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, flexible and convenient use, low labor intensity and high working efficiency.