Method for making latex inspection gloves

- Jul 06, 2019-

Background technology:

Latex inspection gloves are essential medical supplies for surgeons. They are resistant to isolation and have good film strength.The high elasticity of latex inspection gloves gives them better grip and shape fitting properties.This characteristic cannot be replaced by any other material, which is the main reason why latex examination gloves are still used as surgical medical supplies at home and abroad.

When performing surgery or other medical activities, if the operation is careless, it is easy to cause patients' blood or other pollutants from the cuff into the latex gloves, which brings a certain risk to the health of medical staff.At present, most latex examination gloves use a tight ring to tighten the cuff on the wrist of medical staff. If the elastic ring is high, it can prevent seepage, but it also affects the normal blood circulation of the user's hand. Wearing such gloves for a long time will easily cause the user's hand to become numb.If the elastic of the clamping ring is small and the tightening force is low, the anti-seepage effect will not be achieved.

Technical implementation elements:

Based on the above technical problems, the utility model provides a latex inspection glove, including the palm part and the cuff part. The inner surface of the cuff part is provided with a sponge pad, which encircle the whole ring of the inner surface of the cuff part.

The advantages of the utility model are as follows:

1. The tight ring used by the utility model is of moderate intensity, and a sponge pad is arranged on the inner surface of the cuff.When used, the medical staff breaks the alcohol ball. The medical alcohol inside the alcohol ball penetrates the whole sponge pad. When a small amount of blood or contamination penetrates into the cuff, the sponge pad can prevent the contamination from further flowing into the glove, greatly reducing the risk of infection for medical staff.

2. The cuff part of the utility model is designed with a body section and an extension section. When the length of the glove is insufficient or the length of the arm that medical personnel need to protect is long, the extension section can be turned out from the body section to increase the total length of the cuff part of the latex glove.