Method for making disposable medical rubber inspection gloves

- May 30, 2019-

Background technology:

Latex gloves are a kind of gloves, which are different from ordinary gloves and made of latex.Can be used as medical, household, industrial, beauty and other industries, is the necessary hand protection products.Latex gloves are made of natural latex as the base material and processed with other fine additives. With special surface treatment, the products have strong protective properties and are convenient to use. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.

Currently, talcum powder is mainly used to solve the problem of wearing latex gloves.Latex gloves, which are now widely used, are either manufactured with talcum powder on the inner surface of the gloves, or the user applies talcum powder on the hands first and then puts the gloves on.But either way, there are problems with talcum powder contaminating the surface of latex gloves.For example, for gloves with talcum powder on the inner surface of the gloves, the talcum powder in the gloves is easy to fall out and fall on the outer surface of the other glove, causing pollution.Powder free gloves that require self-coating with talcum powder are more likely to stain during wearing.

Technical implementation elements:

Based on the above technical problems, the utility model provides a disposable medical rubber examination gloves, including palm and cuffs, described in the cuff edge with stirrup loops, the inner surface of the cuff department is equipped with rubber cushion and medicinal starch coating chamber, cushions and medicinal starch cladding chamber are described around the cuff of the inner surface of the whole circle, medicinal starch coating the inside of the cavity in the cushions, described in the medicinal starch coated cavity by a block slice, in block slice and cuff division under the surface, described on the block, block slice under a long edge on the cuff area surface, another long side near to each other to form medicinal starch coated cavity opening,The opening is affixed with a sealing tape to seal the medical starch coating cavity, and the medical starch coating cavity contains medical starch.

The advantages of the utility model are as follows:

1. The utility model designs a coating cavity for medicinal starch in the glove. When wearing the glove, the glove mouth shall be kept down and the sealing band shall be torn open.In addition, a spongy pad was set on the outside of the coating cavity of medicinal starch, which further prevented the risk of spreading medicinal starch.

2. As medical latex gloves are tightly wrapped on the user's hand during use, there is no point of force on the fingertip of the glove, and removing gloves from the fingertip is easy to cause glove vibration, splashing the contaminated liquid on the glove surface to the user's skin or clothes, so it is not appropriate to remove gloves from the fingertip;In addition, if the glove is removed directly from the cuff edge with the other hand, the contamination on the outer surface of the other glove can easily contaminate the clothing and skin at the cuff edge.The utility model designs a glove release component at the position of the outer surface of the glove cuff, and removes the glove from the hand by turning it out, thereby avoiding the above problems.