Method for making disposable latex medical examination finger sleeve

- Jun 17, 2019-

Technical field:

The utility model is a finger sleeve for medical examination used by medical workers, especially suitable for vaginal examination and anal examination of department of gynaecology.

Existing technology of the condoms will be widely used in inspectors check on the middle finger and index finger sets, so, on the one hand to the inspectors for health protection is not completely, two fingers on the other hand inspectors are locked together, operation is not sensitive, small range, diagnostic error is large, in addition, there are also using PVC thin film gloves or rectal examination of department of gynaecology, as there is no elastic PVC thin film gloves, hard, brittle, poor mechanical strength, size is often larger than the inspectors of the shape of the hand, cause the operation is not sensitive, tactility is very poor, easy to tear in the inspection process, and will bring to inspection discomfort or pain, also can appear error diagnosis;In addition, this kind of glove is used repeatedly on the one hand to increase the workload of disinfection, on the other hand also cannot completely avoid the infection that causes because of disinfection is not clean, and the hand before wearing must brush first on talcum powder, more troublesome, after wearing, the inspector also can have uncomfortable feeling.

The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology and provide a method that is not only sensitive in operation but also hygienic and reliable after wearing.Good touch, easy to use, disposable, avoid infection caused by disinfection, and save manpower and energy, improve the accuracy of the medical examination of the finger.

The medical examination finger sleeve referred to in the utility model is produced by ion deposition process with natural latex as raw material. The finger sleeve consists of three parts: the index finger sleeve, the middle finger sleeve and the umbrella cover. The surface is coated with lubricant made of modified starch which is easy to be absorbed by human body.

The finger sleeve of the utility model is used in such a way that the index finger sleeve and the middle finger sleeve are respectively covered on the middle finger and the index finger, and the umbrella sleeve is pulled to the middle part of the palm to cover the big thumb, ring finger and little finger inside.

The utility model has the advantage that strength, good elasticity, the quality of a book (less than 0.1 mm), very soft, so touch sensibility is good, and not easily be torn, can improve the reliability of diagnosis, another advantage of the utility model is cheap, disposable, saves manpower and energy consumption by disinfection, to avoid the possibility of infection.

Claim: a medical examination finger cover, characterized by the index finger cover, middle finger cover and umbrella cover composition, its surface coated with easy to be absorbed by the human body modified starch as a lubricant.

Abstract: disposable latex medical examination finger sleeve is made of natural latex by ion deposition process, which is suitable for gynecology and obstetrics vaginal index examination and anal finger examination.It is made up of index finger, middle finger and umbrella cover. The surface is coated with modified starch which is easy to be absorbed by human body.The utility model is convenient to wear and take off, flexible in use, soft and comfortable, high strength, good elasticity and good tactile sensation, which can improve the accuracy of inspection and be discarded immediately after use, not only avoiding infection, but also saving manpower and energy.