Method for making condom electrical inspection mould for condom processing equipment

- Jun 22, 2019-

Background technology:

Condoms from the former is mainly used for contraception into effect to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and its quality directly affects the normal work and life of people, even relates to personal safety, the quality of the condom is up to standard is crucial, unqualified or the damage of the condom is bigger, small gap condoms at the completion of semi-finished products processing, before packing and silicone oil, must carry on the electronic detection pinhole program, to detect whether there is any breakage problem for many times, so the electronic detection of condom is critical, the current detection, condoms must be located in testing mold, in order to improve the production, needs to be done fast and stable set of set,Fast operation often there will be a pop-up condom can not completely into, or strength too big condoms in the bottom of the mould, this will affect the test results, and condom has air, condoms in the mold can't close after laminating, these problems can cause problems in testing, so one can rule out the air of the condom, condom is more tightly with the mould of the outer wall, condoms in the appropriate location of the device is very necessary.

Technical implementation elements:

Aiming at the shortcomings of the above, the utility model provides a simple structure and joint tightly, with automatic discharge air and limit of the condom condoms processing equipment electrical inspection mold, including mold, its characteristics is described in the mold for the hollow structure, mould including the head and body, head and body of a integrated, the head or body are connected to the hollow cavity is equipped with at least one through hole.

The utility model has the following beneficial effects:

1. The electric inspection mold for condoms of the condom processing equipment of the utility model includes a mold, the mold includes the head and the body part, and the head and the body part are formed in one. The body part of the mold is a cylinder structure, and the cylinder structure is easier to set condoms quickly.

2. The condom electrical inspection mold of the condom processing equipment of the utility model is provided with at least one through-hole, and the setting of through-hole is conducive to the better fitting of the condom with the mold.

3, the utility model of condom condoms processing equipment electrical inspection mold, mold department has a limit groove, limit slot perpendicular to the centerline of the body department Settings, limit slot to the groove structure, limit set groove corresponding to the body of the outer wall of the circumference, limit slot setting for condoms in the right place, yes the body part of the condom to get comprehensive detection, improve the quality of the products, avoid missed detection and fault detection.

4, the utility model of condom condoms processing equipment electrical inspection mold, mold to the hollow structure, mould and hole, the structure of the mould head bumps, corresponding to the shape of the condom is set, the shape of the mould set corresponding to the shape of the condom, is a condom and mold better coordination work, the air in the condom can be through the hole, between fit closely, improve the detection accuracy.

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