Medical gloves production equipment

- May 17, 2019-

Medical gloves production equipment is used for the production of latex medical gloves machinery equipment jubao machinery company.Medical glove equipment is usually made of natural liquid latex, which is processed through a series of processes, such as hand mold rubber dipping tank, drying, curing, cooling, disinfection and packaging.According to the different moulds of the gloves, the medical gloves can be divided into five types: smooth medical gloves, hemp medical gloves, striped medical gloves, transparent medical gloves and powder free medical gloves.Medical gloves are classified into disposable medical gloves, household medical gloves, industrial medical gloves, medical gloves, etc.

Medical gloves latex production equipment mainly consists of four parts: batching equipment, including mixer, filter barrel, vacuum defoaming machine, rubber liquid transfer pump;Dip equipment, including frame, conveyor chain, dip tank, recovery machine, drip tank;Plasticizing furnace;Cooling, lip rolling, dusting, demoulding, dusting equipment, including cooling group, lip rolling group, dusting group, demoulding group, dusting group.Latex gloves production adopts continuous production method and direct leaching method, uniform film-forming, colour and lustre is gorgeous, can produce online at the same time, various specifications according to different production, the sails latex gloves production line length is 60 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters and so on a variety of specifications, a high degree of automation, large output, configurable demoulding automatically, can also according to customer design installation length line production site.

Medical gloves production equipment can be based on various materials (natural glue, butylene glue, PVC, etc.) curing molding process for humanized design, reasonable process, automatic balance glue system, so that the product is stable, coating thickness, uniform length, no vertical point, uniform temperature, high output, easy and simple demodulation and other characteristics.

Latex gloves production equipment of the oven using hot air circulation principle, the internal temperature of the oven, with high performance of insulation materials, ensure the temperature loss effectively, thus improve the thermal efficiency of the machine, the machine automatic temperature control system is adopted for the heating system, with high performance control switch, improve the accuracy of temperature control, so as to improve the product percent of pass.

Specially designed elastic piston type glove mold connecting device, easy to replace mold, no mold drop phenomenon.

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