Medical gloves processing equipment and its method and process

- Apr 11, 2019-

Background technology:

Rubber gloves have been widely used in modern production and life, which can effectively protect users from harm.Disposable rubber surgical gloves and rubber examination gloves for medical purposes can protect medical and nursing personnel from the harm of pathogenic bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases.Is a hospital necessity.

Currently used widely in medical rubber examination gloves and surgical gloves, generally made from natural rubber or nitrile rubber, these gloves production process by the gloves mold cleaning device, mould soak hot water device, mold drying device, mould dipping solidifier concreting equipment, drying equipment, rubber equipment, leaching device, crimping device, film curing device, demoulding device, washing device, gloves, drying device.

In these gloves during the production model of cleaning is a problem, and the fingerprint in the process of production will be attached to some solidifier, latex contamination of a variety of material such as mixed, the traditional disposable medical rubber gloves mold cleaning USES is regular offline cleaning way, not only the artificial cost is high, and low production efficiency, the gloves mold cleaning can carry on the processing on the production line, including pickling tank, water tank, alkaline cleaning tank, rinse tank;Existing technology has been used in high frequency concussion signal from the acoustic wave generator, the bottom and sides shakes, to wash hand print, but the cleaning method of cleaning effect is not very ideal, for example, as now is also useful in the jewelry store in ultrasonic cleaning tank to clean the dirt in jewelry, but in some subtle jewelry corner or cleaning not in place, the same problems is to use ultrasonic cleaning tank to wash hand print, in the corner of the fingers, palm of hand print there will be some adhesion of dirt are not easy to clean.

Technical implementation elements:

In order to solve the above problems, to provide a medical gloves processing equipment, can effectively clean the fingerprint of fingers, palm is not easy to clean up dirt,, and set the brush in the pickling tank and alkaline cleaning tank, cleaning up more thoroughly, and save the set up a special brush cleaning device, cost savings, effectively improve the cleaning efficiency.

The invention adopts the following technical scheme:

The utility model relates to a medical gloves processing equipment, which comprises a mold cleaning groove and a controller. A slideway is installed on the groove wall on one side of the mold cleaning groove, and a movable hairbrush is arranged on the slideway. The hairbrush is connected with a motor and the motor is connected with a controller.A sprinkler head 6 is arranged on the tank wall at the upper end of the chute, and the sprinkler head 6 is connected with the water inlet pipe 11, and the first solenoid valve 9 is set on the connecting pipe, and the first solenoid valve 9 is connected with the controller.The bottom of the mold washing groove is provided with an ultrasonic vibration plate 3, which is connected with an ultrasonic generator.Described in washing module slot of the underside of the other side set the PH sensor 4, 4 PH sensor connected to the controller, on the same side of the PH sensor 4 side set on a sour lye imports, acid alkali liquor import through pipes and containers of acid alkali have connected, and set up the first solenoid valve in the line 8, the solenoid valve connected to the controller.

The application method of a medical gloves processing equipment is as follows:

The ultrasonic generator will send out high-frequency vibration signal, which will be converted into mechanical vibration through the ultrasonic transducer in the ultrasonic vibration plate 3.

The glove mold is suspended and fixed in the mold conveyor belt 1 above the mold washing groove, and is transmitted along the conveyor belt 1 at a set speed;

When the first glove mould slide to wash at the entrance of mold cavity, the tank wall at the entrance of the position sensor 5 induction signal transmitted to the controller, the controller to control the motor running, and the connection of the motor brush upward movement along the chute, stopped at the top of the chute, the conveyor belt 1 gloves mould through the brush area, brush with gloves mould fully contact and brush off the glove mould corner in the adhesion of dirt;

When the last glove mould position sensor 5 induction, induction signal transmitted to the controller, the controller is set for a period of time, make the gloves mold cleaning done in washing module slot, then send control commands to 9 first electromagnetic valve, wash the brush has resulted in a jet flow nozzle 6 7, after washing, reverse operation control motor, connected to the motor of the brush down the chute, until the lower end of the chute, and hair brush head into the liquid washing mold slot to clean the glue on the brush dirt;

When the gloves after leaving the washing cavity mold cleaning is complete, the PH sensor 4 will monitor signal transmitted to the controller, the controller to determine processing, sending control command, opened the first electromagnetic valve of 8, and acid alkali liquor inlet connection containing acid alkali liquid in the container by importing flow into acid alkali wash in the mold cavity, adjust PH value, make its restore Settings, complete round of cleaning.

The beneficial effect of the invention is that the brush and ultrasonic wave are simultaneously applied to the ultrasonic cleaning tank, the acid cleaning tank or the alkali cleaning tank, so that the cleaning effect is better and the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved. Moreover, the cleaning hand mold is an important link, which improves the cleaning effect and efficiency and reduces the pollution in the following links.