Manufacturers of rubber gloves equipment production attention

- Apr 01, 2019-

After the Spring Festival, the rubber dipping glove equipment factory has started production one after another. The production after the festival is particularly important. Both old and new employees need to improve their production awareness, do a good job in production inspection and avoid production accidents.Among them, we should focus on the following work:

1. Do a good job in production training.

Each production and business unit of rubber dipping gloves equipment shall organize and hold a production meeting before resuming production, and study and formulate a feasible plan for resuming production after the holiday.In particular, in high-risk industries such as hazarding, we must strictly implement various prevention systems, assign responsibilities to each and every one of them, formulate corresponding contingency plans, and strengthen drills.Holiday back, it is important to let employees from the psychological awareness of the transition to work up.For the employees who return to their original posts after the holiday, knowledge retraining and re-education should be carried out to ensure that each employee has basic production knowledge and is familiar with the hazards of corresponding jobs.To change post and new employee, should undertake production "3 class" education groom, raise professional skill of employee and consciousness, groom unqualified cannot mount guard resolutely.

2. Do a good job in production inspection.

, according to the principle of check, before return to work and production, to return to work and production is about to carry out inspection, as well as the production equipment, facilities, fire emergency facilities, instruments, pipe, valve, tank farm, for storage devices and plant, plant identification marks, warehouse line to conduct a comprehensive inspection, such as electrical wiring to also want to carry out special inspection.After a long holiday, it is inevitable to carry out a variety of cleaning operations during the resumption of production and production, during this period, the production and operation units are prohibited from using white oil, tinna water and other flammable liquids to wipe the machine, equipment and ground oil.In addition, when cleaning septic tank, sewage tank, tank, also need to strictly implement the relevant provisions of limited space operations.

3, to strengthen the fire hidden danger special investigation.

Recent dry climate, less rain, is the high incidence of fire accidents, production and business units should pay special attention to fire prevention work after the holiday.We should not only establish and improve the fire prevention responsibility system and strictly implement the fire control responsibility, but also put an end to illegal operations. It is strictly prohibited to use fire, oil, electricity and gas in violation of regulations. We should organize regular fire fighting and evacuation drills to improve the ability of employees to protect themselves and save themselves.

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