Manufacturer of Glue-coated Gloves Manufacturing Equipment

- Aug 17, 2019-

Manufacturer of Glue-coated Gloves Manufacturing Equipment

Hand is not only the direct tool of labor production, but also the first tool of labor production. Therefore, it is very important to select appropriate gloves for safety protection. On the job site, most of the operations are performed by human hands, and the safety protection of the opponent mainly depends on gloves. Keep in mind! When using protective gloves, it is necessary to select gloves made of appropriate materials and easy to operate after analyzing the workpiece, equipment and operation conditions, so as to play a protective role.

Labor protection gloves, with the function of protecting hands and arms, are generally used by workers when working; insulating gloves for live work should be selected according to the voltage to check whether there are cracks, stickiness, brittleness and other defects on the surface, if there are abnormal prohibitions; acid and alkali resistant gloves are mainly used when contacting acid and alkali. Gloves worn; rubber oil-resistant gloves, mainly used in contact with mineral oil, vegetable oil and various solvents of the aliphatic group. Welder gloves, protective gloves worn in electric and fire welding industry, should be checked for rigidity, thin gear, holes and other defects on the surface of leather or canvas, if defective, not to use. Gloves should be long enough that the wrists should not be exposed.

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Use of gloves

1. Gloves of suitable types and specifications should be selected according to the needs of different operations.

2. When contacting patients'blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta, vomit and contaminants, clean gloves should be worn.

3. Sterile gloves should be worn when performing aseptic operations such as surgery and contacting patients with damaged skin and mucosa.

4. Disposable gloves should be used once.

3 Notes

1. Gloves should be replaced between patients with different diagnosis, treatment and nursing.

2. When removing gloves after operation, hand washing should be carried out according to prescribed procedures and methods. Wearing gloves can not replace hand washing, and hand disinfection should be carried out when necessary.

3. When gloves are damaged during operation, they should be replaced in time.

4. When wearing sterile gloves, gloves should be prevented from contamination.