Latex gloves production line

- Apr 15, 2019-

A good pair of latex gloves, first of all, the surface looks clean and beautiful, yellow, good edge, pull, no air leakage.The tension is large, which is a little difficult to rely on our hands to test, this is the need for professional machines to test.What we can do is look at the color, the color is white, too white latex gloves are a lot of additives, the whiter the color, the more additives, the more additives, the less tension.However, now there are many gloves, put a yellow pigment, so you can change the color of the gloves, so this method is not completely reliable.Finally, we have to look at the degree of creases in the gloves. It is also a pair of latex gloves. When opened from the package, gloves with a high amount of glue will not wrinkle at all.If a pair of gloves are wrinkled and white, the amount of glue is extremely low.The reason we all use latex is because latex is so flexible and elastic, and nothing else is as good as latex.

JUBAO is manufacturer to research and development,design and produce machines of gloves,balloon and condom. Mainly in balloon printing machine,production line for glove,glove half-full dipping,latex condom dipping and latex balloon dipping,glove dotting and printing machine, surgical glove out wrap/inner paper packing machine,condom packing machine and other relevant supporting equipment products.Over the years, based on the research and development and manufacturing of cutting-edge equipment technology, and provide customers with the turnkey engineering service of the whole plant machinery and equipment, we not only have a strong technical background, but also have the most sincere after-sales service support.The difference lies in that our corporate culture is to become true friends with customers. The difficulties our customers encounter in the process of production and factory establishment are also our difficulties. We will stand with customers and try to solve them together.

JB-SH 棉里涂胶手套生产线11

Labor protection cotton gloves is our daily operations when an essential daily supplies, however, in the choice of time few people care about the color of the choice, so today small make up to give the majority of users in the simple introduction of color when you want to pay attention to what?

First, we should pay attention to the style of cotton gloves, good style is the premise of quality assurance.We should choose cotton gloves that have no wear and tear on the outside and are not prone to breakage when stretched.Second, because many industries require the use of cotton gloves for insulation, the selection of cotton gloves must be carefully verify the insulation performance of this kind of gloves, to avoid unnecessary dangers in the use of the way, resulting in the loss of life and property.Third, the selection of regular glove manufacturers, with a history and reputation of the glove manufacturers have many years of production and research experience, the quality of the gloves produced more assured.

Functions of rubber:

1, outstanding high elasticity, performance is a high rate of elongation.It is elastic at room temperature and can produce large deformation under small external force.Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer, its glass transition temperature (T g) low, molecular weight is often very large, more than hundreds of thousands.Pure natural rubber can be stretched to the original length of 800% and constantly;For a small modulus of elasticity, the stress generated at an extension of 100% is only a few hundred newtons per square centimeter;The smaller permanent deformation is insisted after breaking, i.e. the accumulation amount that cannot be recovered after repeated stress is also very small.Rubber only through cross-linking to become a valuable high elastic data, commonly known as rubber.

2, good wear resistance, high friction coefficient and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, some varieties such as nitrile gum, fluorine rubber also oil resistance.In addition, rubber also has electrical insulation, vibration elimination and air - tightness and other characteristics.Defects are poor thermal conductivity, heat and not easy to mechanical processing.