Latex gloves production equipment

- Apr 20, 2019-

There are many kinds of latex gloves: home latex gloves, flocking latex gloves, medical examination gloves, surgical gloves, industrial latex gloves, special protective latex gloves and so on.

The design of the equipment varies according to the type of glove.Follow-up vulcanization process, inspection methods are also different.

The design of the production line shall be based on the specific situation of the customer's workshop, and try to adapt to meet the utilization space of the original workshop structure. If it is really hindering the assembly line installation or affecting the production capacity of the assembly line, the customer shall be required to transform the workshop structure to meet the basic design conditions of the production line.

The production line needs thermal energy support, and there are various heating schemes: steam heating, electric heating, thermal oil heating, etc. There are also various ways to use coal, fuel oil and gas as fuel.When helping customers to design the production line, we should understand the most advantageous conditions of the customer side in detail, so as to obtain the maximum benefit effect.

Some customers in the selection of equipment manufacturers, the first concern is the product price of the whole line, little concern about the production process provided by the manufacturer is not advanced.This is obviously a myth.Because a good production process, not only help reduce the cost of raw materials, labor costs, energy costs, but also help improve the quality of finished products.But it is an important factor that investors seldom pay enough attention to.