Latex gloves manufacturing process

- Dec 15, 2017-

The rubber is first sliced by a rubber mixer and then sent to a sol and a gasoline mixed sol. Sol and then emulsified, modulated by pumping latex intermediate tank. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation column, heated and distilled by steam, the light component gasoline is heated to the vapor phase, and the gasoline gas is cooled and mixed in the oil-gas cooler by the cold water. Oil and water mixture and then to the oil-water separator, oil-water layer. The upper part of the gasoline recovery, the lower part of the water and then sent to the cooling water cooling tower cooling, cooling and then cooling the distillation tower of gas gasoline; distillation tower latex latex according to their own pressure to send latex mixing tank stirred to centrifuge after the separation of the raw material latex gloves After color, filtered and ready for use.

Glove model first acid-base cleaning, water cleaning, wash the model first immersed in hot water heated to coagulation agent and dried dipped. Dipped to the oven after the initial drying, plus fiber jackets, red hot water and then sent to the oven curing, drying molding. After the release of gloves inflatable check, low temperature setting, temperature drying, washing, dehydration, drying and then sent to the finished product warehouse.

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