It is a new generation of dry method electroscope for testing polyurethane condoms

- Apr 26, 2019-

Waterborne polyurethane condoms, which is different from traditional as polyurethane condoms made of materials research and development, has no holes, the characteristics of high density also greatly enhanced the security of the condom, in addition to effective contraception, will also be able to effectively block HIV (HIV), HPV (human papilloma virus), HBV (hepatitis b virus) and so on the many kinds of virus threat, at the same time, has the extremely thin, close skin feels strong, fast heat conduction, allergies, not easily broken, etc, to ensure the safety at the same time, greatly improving the user experience.There is a growing demand for high-quality condoms and polyurethane condoms have become a consumer trend.However, the detection of polyurethane condoms has always been a worldwide technical problem, the traditional dry method and wet method for polyurethane condoms detection results are not ideal, the main problem is that the rate of omission is too high.

Compared with the traditional electric inspection machine, the new generation of dry method electric inspection machine has the following technical progress:

1. Designed more advanced high-voltage control circuit.

High voltage control circuit is the core of the detection link, according to the characteristics of polyurethane condoms, we redesigned the high voltage control circuit, so that the high voltage into high frequency pulse voltage, greatly enhance the detection rate of microholes.In order to enhance the stability and reliability of high voltage control circuit, we add redundancy technology into the design.

2. Full digital control technology is adopted to increase the detection voltage range.

In view of the characteristics of polyurethane condoms, we use the full digital control technology, so that the head voltage and body voltage can be accurately adjusted, the precision of voltage regulation can be controlled in 0.1v.With a wider range of voltages, up to a maximum of 2,500v, a set of devices can be used for testing condoms of various materials/specifications.

3. Designed more advanced detection and control circuit.

The new detection control circuit adopts the secondary isolation technology, and the high-voltage signal feedback selects the high-performance isolation module, which greatly improves the safety of the equipment.Redundancy and fault tolerance technology are added in the detection control circuit, so that each condom can go through 12 procedures of complete detection, to avoid the maximum of missed detection.The new detection control circuit adopts high precision operational amplifier and precision resistance capacitance, which has the advantages of good consistency, small size, low power consumption, excellent temperature drift characteristics and easy to use.

4. More advanced control software and hardware are designed.

The new design USES high-performance PLC+ touch screen + computer control mode, all the logic operations are carried out in high-performance PLC, advanced touch screen and computer can monitor the whole process of condom detection in real time.The fully digital control mode ensures the accuracy of control and greatly improves the stability, reliability and anti-interference performance of the equipment. All wearing parts adopt modular removable design, which greatly shortens the maintenance time and reduces the maintenance cost.Advanced configuration monitoring software is adopted to ensure real-time monitoring of the detection process, and real-time storage and invocation of all detection data.

5. More advanced signal processing system is designed.

The new design combines the current advanced signal processing algorithm, algorithm simulation technology, hardware technology, software technology, system construction and testing methods, we have completed a relatively high performance, more advanced signal processing system at a small cost.At the same time, it also widens the adjustment range of detection sensitivity, which is convenient for customers to adjust the sensitivity according to different products, and widens the use range of the machine, so that a set of equipment can be suitable for testing condoms of various materials/specifications.

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