Is the equipment for producing condoms high?

- Sep 13, 2018-

The main purpose of condoms is contraception and safety, so the requirements on the equipment are relatively high.

The condom production equipment comprises two transmission chains, a chain plate and a model mounted on the transmission chain; and the utility model is characterized in that: the outer side of each transmission chain is provided with a bracket, and the bracket is mounted with the model in a vertical position and a horizontal position. The model base is rotated between the models, and the model is mounted on the model base; the model base has a guiding device and a reset device, and the model has a driving device.

In order to solve the technical problem that the production efficiency of the existing condom production equipment is low and the condom thickness is uneven, a practical new production method is developed, which is to meet the above requirements, and the model is at the same level when the model is dipped. Position and rotate the model, the glue is evenly rotated on the model, which prevents the glue from concentrating to one end of the model, making the condom thickness uniform.

This utility model is used to produce condoms with high production efficiency.