Internal packing method for sterile medical gloves

- Jun 18, 2019-

[technical field]

The invention relates to the packaging of sterile medical gloves, specifically to a method for inner packaging of sterile medical gloves by folding and wrapping the inner lining paper.

Background technology

The packaging system for sterile medical gloves consists of a sealed outer bag and an inner bag.The top and bottom of the outer bag is usually made of paper and paper or paper and plastic film, whose function is to protect the inner package after sterilization in a sealed sterile space.The inner package is made of medical grade inner lining paper and contains a pair of medical gloves, such as surgical gloves and examination gloves, etc.Sterile medical gloves with the ordinary medical gloves the biggest difference is that the sterile medical glove wrist before packaging need to advance fold fold part of the cover to make wrist gloves refers to the root, when used in will be used in surgery, when the package from outer bag is removed, the inside lining paper bag in the role is to protect the gloves sterile performance, through open inside lining paper, performer only through the inner surface of the sterile medical gloves to wear gloves, reaching the outer surface of the gloves have been out of contact state of sterile.

Although sterile medical gloves have a history of several decades in the medical field and are composed of internal packaging and outer packaging, the current internal packaging methods of sterile medical gloves have the following shortcomings.Second, because the packaging is relatively complex, it is difficult to achieve automatic packaging;Third, the wearing process is relatively complex and takes a long time.Fourth, the traditional method of internal packaging may also have accidental pollution, posing a threat to use.

[invention content]

The purpose of the invention is to provide an internal packaging method for sterile medical gloves to overcome the complexity, high cost, difficulty in realizing automatic packaging, long wearing time and shortage of accidental contamination of traditional sterile medical gloves.

The invention is realized through the following technical scheme: an internal packaging method of sterile medical gloves, which includes an internal lining paper containing medical gloves and medical gloves;The medical gloves are rolled up to cover the root of the glove finger before packaging, and the medical gloves are rolled up to cover the root of the glove finger.The packaging method includes the following steps:

First, the inner lining paper is tiled and the flanged gloves are placed on the first surface of the inner lining paper;

Second, the inner lining paper is folded along the fingertip part of the flanged glove so that the folded inner lining paper covers the fingertip of the flanged glove;The inner lining paper covers the finger root of the flanged glove after folding along the fingertip part of the flanged glove and extends forward with a first transverse flanged edge;

Third, fold the inner lining paper formed in the second step over the upper surface of the fingers of the gloves, the inner lining paper placed on the surface of the fingers of the gloves and the fingers of the gloves along the root of the fingers of the flanged gloves, and cover the palms and wrists of the flanged gloves;

Step 4: place the inner package formed in step 3 into the sterilizing bag for sealing;

The beneficial effect of the invention lies in the inner packaging method of sterile medical gloves provided by the invention, which wraps the sterile medical gloves in a sterile inner packaging environment by folding and wrapping a piece of inner lining paper.The packaging method and procedure are simple, and the cost of packers and consumables is low.Meanwhile, the method can realize automatic packaging and reduce labor cost.In addition, the internal packaging realized by this packaging method has little risk of accidental contamination in sterile medical gloves during packaging and wearing, which reduces the risk of use.

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