How to treat the waste water

- Apr 11, 2019-

The glove model was cleaned with acid and alkali and then washed with water. The cleaned model was immersed in hot water and heated until it was soaked with coagulant and dried before being soaked with glue.After rubber dipping, send to oven for preliminary drying, add fiber inner cover, then send hot water to oven for vulcanization, drying and forming.After demolding, the gloves are checked for inflation, shaped at low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed, dehydrated and dried, and then packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse. The production waste water is generated in the process of washing and dehydrating.After a large number of literature reference, professional and technical personnel carefully discussed the preparation of the design scheme.

This program features: the whole system has two strands of wastewater, a gloves production waste water, the other is a high concentration of waste water containing DMF wastewater by distillation after the rest of the wastewater, this scheme USES two separate wastewater pretreatment processing, designed two sets of waste water pretreatment system: gloves production wastewater treatment system of wastewater treatment station original process redesign and equipment renovation, increase a set of integrated design of high concentrated wastewater of DMF wastewater treatment system, after processing gloves production wastewater treatment system for processing, the final two together to meet the requirement of discharging standard of water of urban sewage pipe network.

I. selection and comparison of process flow

Dipping rubber gloves, also known as latex gloves, is one of the gloves.Unlike regular gloves, it is made from latex.Can be used as home, industry, medical, beauty and other industries, is the necessary hand protective equipment.It is made of natural latex and other fine auxiliaries, which is widely used in industry and agriculture, medical treatment and daily life.Latex rubber gloves are divided into five categories: smooth rubber rubber gloves, hemp rubber rubber gloves, striped rubber rubber gloves, transparent rubber rubber gloves and powder free rubber rubber gloves. Rubber rubber gloves can be divided into disposable rubber rubber gloves, household rubber rubber gloves, industrial rubber rubber gloves, medical rubber rubber gloves, etc.The main pollutants are :(1) mold washing wastewater and gel containing wastewater generated from washing process of each production line.

Ii. Process flow

1. Modification process of waste water treatment for glove production: mechanical grille, regulating tank, advection air floatation device, anaerobic primary settling tank, contact oxidation tank, first and second settling tank, standard discharge.

High concentration DMF wastewater is treated by membrane separation technology: original tank - high pressure pump - flow meter - membrane component - concentrated water separation (concentrated water is separated by three-phase evaporator and membrane separation wastewater is combined with glove production wastewater regulation tank.

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