How to make balloons?

- May 25, 2019-

Background technology

In the past, it was known that cuddly balloon toys were worn on the wrist for enjoyment.When the balloon to wear by the wrist, etc, for example, in the balloon for animal dolls or people, animals or people doll face toward the positive structure, so in addition to the need to form a positive positive components and the back of the form on the back of artifacts, you also need to form a bottom face the underside of the three components of membrane material, in order to make the balloon subject and wrist wear shipped due to causes for which the people embrace component for orthogonal direction toward each other.

In recent years, when providing a membrane balloon formed by overlapping two plastic sheets, it was proposed to form a cuddly doll type toy formed by two sheets of film (for example, patent literature 1).The cuddly balloon toy is easy to manufacture compared to the complex combination of three film, and has excellent mass production performance.However, since the balloon is made of two sheets of plastic, the main balloon portion and the embracing member must be forced to bend at right angles, and a special bending position is prepared to hold the member (double-sided tape) for the maintenance of this state.

【 invention content 】

Invent the problem to solve

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a balloon that can maintain a bent state even without using a bent posture holding member (double-sided tape).

A solution to a problem

The present invention is designed to solve at least part of the above problems and can be realized as the following method or application example.

The invention relates to a balloon formed by recombining two plastic sheets and joining the periphery parts

Effect of the invention

According to the invention, although the balloon is made by overlapping two plastic film, it can maintain the state of bending when the gas is sealed inside.