How to identify the quality of latex products

- Mar 28, 2019-

How to identify the quality of latex products

Reflectivity of latex

Good quality latex pillows generally do not have a smooth surface reflective feel, if the surface looks like a coated film pillow core is either produced in domestic production lines, or it is filled with a large number of synthetic glue. The examination of the reflectivity of the latex pillow surface is an important criterion for judging the quality of the latex pillow.

Latex content

Many so-called one hundred percent latex pillows are impossible to achieve. Because there will be more or less water in the product and other substances, the general quality of natural latex pillow latex content in 80% - 90%, the price is generally not less than 500 or so. It is a good quality to exceed 90%. So when you buy it, you don't need a latex pillow with 100% latex content.

Latex taste

Some people say that real latex pillows have a mild scent of milk, if you buy latex pillows with this scent, it is absolutely fake! Natural latex pillows only smell of natural rubber, and all other fragrances are added later to mask the original pungent chemical. We must pay attention to this when buying.

Elasticity and pulling

Good latex, very close after pressure, instant rebound, if you buy the latex pillow is particularly hard feel pressure, rebound is not enough that there is a problem. With regard to lifting, pick any part of the pillow, you'd better choose the weight bearing position to carry lightly, high content and good quality will not be easily pulled, and the content of the product may not be enough you have not done lifting action, just lifted off.

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