How much is a ball press?

- Aug 16, 2019-

How much is a ball press?

Balloon Printer is a kind of mechanical equipment specializing in printing logo, logo, logo, or some pictures of enterprises (companies) on various latex (rubber) balloons to provide publicity and rendering atmosphere for major enterprises.

"One hundred thousand a month" and "one million a year" are two natures. The former is such a uniform cash flow that it is very businesslike.

Seldom meet; and senior managers talk about annual salaries.

I am an enterprise operator. From the perspective of doing business, the number is not high. —— But "Choose the right entry

It's hard to spot.

(1)Most of the money-making depends on "asymmetric information". But the majority of ordinary people rely on "public information" to start their businesses.

On the surface, we are an information society. This is relative to the ancient saying. In fact, it's still one by one.

Separate information islands. Most valuable information resources are contained on isolated islands.

My personal experience is that most of the things that really make money start with a "direct demand for information", and it's easy.

Most failures start with "what do you want to do" and "business model".

The reason is simple. The former needs to take a step to make money. The latter is two steps away from making money. Perhaps the latter is more promising, but more likely to die in swaddling.

Some people start their business by listening to the information of "developing cultural industry" and "Internet +". This is "public information".

Or there is no information at all, just personal interest, professional knowledge. Take it for granted to open milk tea shops, design studios, clothing stores and Taobao.

Everyone's asymmetric information is hidden in all their social relationships.

For a fresh graduate, it is better to identify and digest the existing asymmetric information in the first five years than to think about it.

Of course, start your own business on your own ideas.

How much is a balloon printer?

Experts can spontaneously expand asymmetric information, but this should be read in the existing business experience and society.

After that.

1. Recognition of Asymmetric Information

How much is a balloon printer?

You've heard the message of online promotion; walking down the street feeling like a sea of waves to make money; looking at the "Streetwalker" milk tea shop

There is a large flow of people. You know and others know these things at a glance. This is not worth money.

Others see your class as an ordinary one. They are all young people in 1989. What they see is the generality. What you see is that the boys in your class are fond of dreamlike westbound travel. Every night they have to go online. They never go downstairs for lunch or dinner.