How is the design printed on the balloon?

- Oct 28, 2019-

The balloon manufacturing process on market is mostly consistent, the difference lies in automation level.A lot of balloons are mostly solid color, but there are still a part of the color balloon is concerned about.

Balloons accompany our growth, so do you know how the color LOGO on the balloon is made?Let's take a look today.

To make the LOGO

First to the balloon full of air, the turntable will be transferred to the balloon under the printing board, the balloon is up and down two board, above is a good pattern shape of silk screen board, is also pattern mold;Below is an ordinary board, the bottom of the balloon has a cylinder, also used to squeeze the balloon.Start action: the upper and lower board and the side board of the cylinder press the balloon at the same time and start printing.

See here you should be clear about the production of the balloon LOGO.So why do balloons need to be inflated, pressed sideways and underneath before printing the LOGO?We imagine what it would be like to color print an uninflated balloon and then fill it with gas.It must be gaudy and not at all symmetrical.The reason why the balloon is inflated and pressed is that the balloon itself is used for watching and playing after being inflated.The side and bottom are pressed so that the LOGO on the surface of the balloon is fully printed.Balloon printer machine can also be rotated 180 degrees to continue printing.So the ball printing of the balloon is finished.

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