How is the condom produced?

- Sep 13, 2018-

Each batch of latex was tested and certified on the plantation before we sourced these raw materials.

Then, when the latex reaches the factory, it will be tested again.

After we thought that the quality of the latex was in line with the standard, we began to use magic to produce condoms.

Start production

The initial stages of condom production are roughly the same: adding chemicals and heating (pre-vulcanization) gives the latex stability and strength. During this process, the chemicals react with the rubber in the latex to make it stronger, more stable, and less likely to be allergic.

For rigorous consideration, we will test again. The latex is transferred into a large temperature-controlled dip tank.

A row of continuously moving clean glass molds is immersed in the latex and a film is attached. The mold is rotated to ensure a uniform latex distribution.

The mold will be dipped again after drying.

The mold is then vulcanized in an oven – the chemical reaction is complete after this process, ensuring that the condom has the necessary strength and toughness.

Finally, the condom is removed from the mold and cleaned to remove water-soluble residue while adding a safe dermatologically tested powder material.


Now, the condom has to be parked for about two days to stabilize its performance.

Then there is the electric inspection machine! - It is used to check for holes and defects. Below, they are transferred to a machine where they are placed in a separate package "aluminum foil".

At the same time, lubricating fluids and fragrances are also injected into the aluminum foil.

After the aluminum foil is heat sealed, the batch number and shelf life are marked. After insourcing the product will test for leaks and other defects.

We deliberately wrap the condom in square aluminum foil because we have confirmed that condoms are less stressed than rectangular aluminum foil in square aluminum foil – now this has become an industry standard.

The wrapped Durex condom is packed into a small box and ready to be sent to the customer.

Ready to be basically ready...

Before we ship the condom from the factory, we will carry out final testing to ensure that the product meets relevant national and international standards (latex condoms). They also need to pass the stricter Durex quality standards.

The tests we did and the reasons for the tests

Test Reason for test Number of samples

Electronic testing testing condom holes and defects

Leak test After the condom is filled with water, the monthly condom sampling

One minute to check for leaks over 2,000,000

Air Burst Test Inflate the condom to detect monthly condom sampling

Blasting strength and elasticity of about 500,000

(International latex standard: 18 liters,

Durex minimum latex standard: 22 liters.

Usually Durex condoms can expand to 40 liters)

If any of the above tests fail, the entire condom – up to 432,000 – will be scrapped!