How did the pattern on the balloon be printed?

- Sep 12, 2019-

How did the pattern on the balloon be printed?

Making LOGO

Let's see how LOGO is made at the production site.

Firstly, the balloon is filled with air. The turntable transfers the balloon to the bottom of the printing board. There are two boards above the balloon. On the top of the balloon is a silk screen board and a pattern pattern pattern. On the bottom of the balloon, there is a cylinder, which is also used to extrude the balloon. Start action: The upper and lower plates and the cylinder side plates simultaneously press the balloon and start printing. Enter the following printing links_

See here you should see the production of balloon LOGO at a glance. So why do balloons need to be inflated, side and bottom pressed before printing LOGO? We imagine colour printing of balloons that are not inflated. What kind of scene will it be when the balloons are filled with gas after printing? That must be fancy and not even at all. The reason why balloons are inflated and pressed for printing is that balloons themselves are inflated and used for watching and playing. Side and bottom compression is to make the balloon surface LOGO completely printed. Continue printing with 180 degree rotation, and continue printing after the rotation is completed. Take you to see the balloon after printing, so that the balloon printing is completed.

Screen Printing Balloons Machine