How are condoms produced?

- Nov 15, 2017-

Used condoms, but few people must know how condoms made, today set son prince took you details about our home bally condom is how to produce.

Here's the bullshit.

(1) raw materials

In raw materials, everyone knows that today's condom production process, most of the raw materials used are natural latex. The goods are only available in hainan and are imported from southeast Asia. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are all country of origin.


You get the natural latex and you think it's straight into the production line? You're right.

The first step in the production process of all condom manufacturers is here. Each big manufacturer has its own secret recipe, will add some mysterious material in natural latex, further combine raw material.

The finished raw material will enter the production line.

(2) mould

Strictly speaking, the mold is also the preparation work before the production line operation, the manufacturer's process difference the second step is to the mold carefully made. The design of the mould besides must be able to let a person wear, other modelling basically is the craft master thinks of when clap head, also can clap the leg of course.


(3) forming

Entering the production line is very much the same, basically is to use this kind of glass mold to dip into the raw material solution, one by one turns the circle to give birth to a condom. Detail about this production line has three steps, the first step is to into the raw material liquid producing condoms, but just from latex into rubber condoms is very tight, so it will be the second step Peng Run soaked in water, then soak out with high-pressure water a blunt can rushing down from the mold.

Latex Condom Machine

This step is not a complete set. If you use such a condom, you will still be.

(4) vulcanization

Vulcanization is a step that almost all rubber products have to go through. Big to tire, small to sleeve, not vulcanized can not use! The invention of the rubber processing technology was called Charles Goodyear, and the rubber became one of the three pillar industries of the world industry.

The rubber that is treated with vulcanization will be mechanically elastic and will not become sticky because of the cold.

It's a complete set, but do you think it's going to be encapsulated? Then you are too small for our factory. We still have several products tested!

(5) electronic pinhole detection

This is the most widely used pinhole detection method. In fact, if someone had dared to say that he could wear 60 or more condoms in a minute, he would have slapped him. Is this man like a book reader? Want to lie to me!!!!!!! But after seeing the manufacturer's electrical inspection department, I took the words back. There is a group of people who can accurately wear 80, no, 90 condoms in a minute.

Condom Molds

Put on a condom electrical test equipment will be immersed in the conductive liquid, if used insulating tape and insulating pliers, everyone should know the rubber is an insulator, so electricity is unqualified products.

What happens if you don't qualify? What else can we do, of course, the whole batch of scrap! However, there will be the scavenger to tell you: the recycle bin will be on a regular door to buy, these recycling stations will take back the waste materials to dispose of the waste rubber materials. Therefore, the waste paper can also be sold for money, so you don't have to worry about the waste products manufacturers will be dealing with pollution.

(vi) quality inspection

The above five steps are still is the production department, the condom will come out from the production department in quality inspection department, here is the most strict inspection departments, after all, was the event of "human life". I don't think so.

The quality inspection department usually tests three items, namely leakage inspection, air blast inspection and aging test. So these tests are random sampling, otherwise... Well, a leaky condom can still be used, but air blasting and aging products, what the hell is that?

Leak check: this is relatively simple, fill in water to wait a certain time to see if leak is good.


Air burst test: this one is better. The national standard is to be able to install 18 litres of air even if qualified, but generally reach 30~40 litres to be able to explode. When it comes to the fact that you suddenly feel like it's a lot better to blow up a balloon with a condom than a regular balloon. It may not be intuitive to say that, but think about the water in the home, the bucket is usually 20 litres, a condom can fit a bucket and a half...

Condom Electric Tester

Finally, the aging test: the main test of this item is the material. Put it in the aging machine for some time to check if it is normal. Usually the condom is exposed in the sun for a long time to become crisp, which is the reason why the rubber is aged.

(7) packaging

In the testing department, no discarded sleeve is allowed to enter the packaging department and enter the final product packaging stage.


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