Household latex gloves production line equipment characteristics

- Apr 04, 2019-

1. Automatic household and industrial gloves production line is fully based on the chemical properties of raw materials and the automatic design of glove molding process requirements. The equipment process is compact and the mechanical structure is more reasonable; stable, uniform coating thickness, no drooping point, uniform temperature, high output, smooth process and so on.

2. The drying box adopts tunnel drying method, hot air rising principle, recycling hot air circulation stirring, so that the machine under the minimum power to get the best effect.

3, using the principle of effective heating space hot air circulation to reduce cost expenditure; multi section PID temperature intelligent control system, the temperature error is not more than 5, the heating uniform gloss is good.

4. The automatic household and industrial gloves production line has high output, unique design of movable joints, simple operation of changing moulds, and quickening the speed of circulation.

5. Automatic vibration drop glue and glue dispensing system make the finished gloves better and even.

6. In view of the fragile defects of the ceramic mould, the conveying mechanism of this equipment is stable, reliable, unrepentant and unstuck, and meets the stability requirements of the running equipment.

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