High quality balloons and judging methods

- Mar 28, 2019-

The high quality balloon has the following quality characteristics, because it has such a characteristic that it can make the balloon inflate through the combination of colors and different shapes of balloons to make a vivid and realistic shape. It can create a lovely, sweet, romantic atmosphere, such as wedding, opening ceremony, Bao Baosheng. The most important decoration on the day.

Identifying high quality balloons is not a difficult task. As long as we touch, observe and so on, we can separate various kinds of balloons on the market. The weight of a bag is about half a kilo on the weight of a bag.

The first eye to get a balloon, the quality of the weight of a package of balloons can be reflected, generally speaking, 10 inch high quality round or heart balloon weight of about 240 grams, each weight can reach 2.2 grams, 122 inches of circular or heart weight can reach about 340 grams, the use of the hand British can initially judge high quality. A difference in the weight of a balloon.

High quality balloon color is rich, single balloon color uniform.

Generally speaking, high quality balloon is produced in industrial production, color and quality are very stable, in a variety of colors can be selected for customers, different colors can create the different atmosphere that guests need. In addition to rich color, the most important feature of high quality balloon is that after a single balloon is inflated, the color is very uniform, the color is not uneven, the "flower ball" is the inferior quality, the flower ball is the performance of the unstable quality of the latex balloon, and the flower ball will be very bad in the modeling. The effect, especially the outdoor balloon shape, makes balloon modeling very cheap.

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