Gloves have been widely used in all aspects of life

- Dec 25, 2017-

Thanks to the application of gloves has been widely applied to all areas of life,such as,KFC,McDonald,our daily life and a lot of assorted activities,so the glove machines are becoming more and more.Then facing so many glove machines, I believe everyone is so entangled that doesn't know how to choose,so I recommend to the intelligent semi-dipped glove production line of Jubao in Quanzhou.This kind of dipped glove machines with automatic dipped coagulant,dipping,coating,crinkling(optional),cleaning,automatic picking gloves and so on,is a new type of machine specifically for semi-dipped gloves.All technical parameters of the equipment can be changed at any time in order to realize comprehensive flexible production.The completely new designed dipping tanks can adapt to impregnation requirements of all kinds of latex.The newly designed man-machine interface enables the operator to operate the machine expediently,and it can also helps operators know the changes of various parameters in time.The design of oven's interior is more perfect,the humidity and and the temperature are controlled more accurately,then all laying the foundation for producing high quality gloves.The newly designed gloves work positions can realize multidimensional gloves to make operation more convenient.The products are sold well in the international and domestic markets.

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This kind of machine can save a lot of manpower and material resources , if you spend a lot of time choosing a glove machine , you can consider our company .

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