Glove molds

- Oct 24, 2017-

Gloves Mold is a dipping gloves factory used to make gloves dipped in the aid of a mold. Glove mold is divided into ceramic gloves mold and aluminum alloy glove mold. Ceramic glove mold mainly used in the absence of latex domestic gloves, acid and alkali industrial gloves, medical gloves, etc., domestic production plants are mainly distributed in Jiangsu Yixing and Shandong Zibo.

And the aluminum alloy glove mold is suitable for all kinds of PU, PVC, NBR, Latex, film and other gloves processing field. Aluminum Gloves mold is from Japan and South Korea's latest popular into the Chinese gloves manufacturers, it has a strong rigidity and good heat dissipation performance, so in most of the field of impregnation gradually replaced the ceramic glove mold.