Fully automatic glove point digital stacker

- May 05, 2019-

Automatic glove point digital puncher belongs to vinyl, nitrile, latex glove production equipment field.Water transport line including gloves, gloves hanging water conveying line department, multiple fingerprint surface in the process of conveying mittens in fingerprint, whose character is: gloves described water conveying line gloves harvesting device and power plant installation, gloves harvesting device and power plant on one side of the installation are angled conveying inclined gloves transportation station, power plant and driving gloves transportation station and gloves harvesting equipment work, gloves the output of the transport station equipped with detection device, detection device at the back of the cohesion gloves to receive.The automatic glove point digital puncher has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, no need of cylinder control, convenient maintenance, and can realize the functions of glove picking, detection, transmission and stacking.

This machine adopts PLC program control automatic and manual modes, its simple operation, small size, and use gloves Roller pull on gloves without any damage. Its normal use and low maintenance costs. Also without gas supply, the machine noise <40dB, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. because machine use full auto counting, which can reduce worker and can glove can be packed immediately, so can save 2-3 workers, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduce production costs, is ideal glove manufacturer selection.

Glove counting machine 2